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Does Bed Bug Powder Work

Does Bed Bug Powder Work

Saturday, August 6, 2022

If you were to enquire amongst your friends, neighbours, and even your extended family members, you will realize that most of them know someone who has had to deal with bed bugs.  Bed bugs are a very common problem with a lot of people. 

Bed bugs don’t discriminate between homes and locations.  They have found their way into many people’s lives, from all walks of life.  No one is completely protected from them.  There are many things one can do to avoid having an infestation.  But often, they come without warning and a little to late for the recommended precautions. 

There are different products on the market that can help you treat a bed bug infestation.  We have spoken to a trusted bed bug exterminator at Professional Pest Management, and they recommend, and actually use, bed bug powder in their treatment of bed bug infestations.

Bed Bug powder has been proven to be effective in the treatment of infestations.  But it must be used correctly.  While many persons, trying to treat a bed bug infestation themselves, can actually cause a bigger problem. 

The powder is designed to be used in direct areas where the bed bugs are dwelling.  These are crevasses or cracks that are usually close to their feeding grounds.  They are usually found within 3 – 5 feet of this.  Spreading the powder in the room, all over the carpeting, can cause a problem because it may not actually affect the bed bugs where they are living.  Plus, with pets and humans in the home, you are exposing them to potential chemicals and/or pesticides.  Not an ideal situation.

The bed bug powder contains diatomaceous earth.  It works by drying out the exoskeletons of bed bugs.  The powder itself is actually jagged and sharp to bed bugs and can penetrate their exterior.  Once the exterior has been opened, the powder then dehydrates them and they die.

The catch to this remedy is – the bed bugs have to actually make contact with the powder.  If you are spraying the bed bug powder incorrectly, you may not make contact with the bugs. 

Also, the bed bug powder will have no effect on the eggs, which may be found within the mattress or furniture.  You may think that you have the bed bug infestation somewhat under control, just to find you are reinfested again – once these undetected eggs hatch.

Our bed bug exterminators use bed bug powder as part of their treatment.  It isn’t the entire treatment.  They use heat to kill the eggs that are left behind.  It’s a combination that they have been using for many clients, with great success.

Trying to treat a bed bug infestation is challenging.  Professional bed bug exterminators are experience in knowing what to do and how to do it.  Trying to tackle an infestation on your own can be costly in the long run.  And more often than not, you will end up calling in a bed bug specialist to get rid of the problem for you.  It might be best to leave bed bug extermination to the experts after all.

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